The Vancouver Aquarium, located in Vancouver Canada and home to more than seventy thousand animals, was forced to close its doors in March due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and is now at risk for permanent closure.

#MakersforVanAqua is a collection of art merchandise put together by a group of makers in the hopes of raising funds for the Vancouver Aquarium. We have each done a variety of animals to express the diversity of the animals who call VanAqua their home!

Every little contribution helps and we all have the power to make a difference. Thank you for your support!

Below is the list of our 13 amazing makers participating in this project, be sure to check them all out:

Pacific White Sided Dolphin - @moonandwhaleadvclub

Sea Otter - @jeanadraws

Sea Turtle - @sleepingwolvesart

Seal Pup - @violetcascade

Penguin - @mofuseasons

Clown Fish + Blue Tang - @swiftterly

Koi + Blue Tang + Loggerhead Sea Turtle - @sukicatarts

Jellyfish - @jellyrolldesigns

Beluga Whale - @razumiyazura

Lined Seahorse - @zeenovos

Stellar Sea Lion - @thetallgrass

Whale Shark - @evybenita

Porpoise - @alpacagalore