Preorder Updates

Here is where you can find the latest updates on the status of preorder items! Please note that if you placed an order that contains a preorder item, your whole order will not ship until the preorder items are finished and arrive to me. If you wish to separate your in-stock and preorder items into two orders so your in-stock items can be shipped now, you must pay for additional shipping.

For information regarding Kickstarters and Kickstarter items, please check the corresponding Kickstarter pages for all updates!

PLEASE NOTE: estimated finish production period refer to when the items are done with production and does not yet factor in time taken to ship to the US, quality check, and ship out to customers

Milkbox Purses

06/09 - Preorders shipped out

05/30 - Purse arrived at warehouse, quality checking

04/30 - Production complete, shipping from China to US

02/22 - Order placed with manufacturer, production begins