Enamel Pin Gachapon - Round 18
Enamel Pin Gachapon - Round 18

Enamel Pin Gachapon - Round 18

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All pulls will be played via my Instagram stories, type in your Instagram handle below so I can tag you, if you do not have an Instagram, type "NA":

What is a Gachapon? Gachapons are capsule toy dispenser machines that are iconic in Japan! What makes them fun is the uncertainty and thrill in not knowing exactly what you get on each spin, as well as the excitement of potentially pulling a rare golden capsule!

This machine holds 32 pins and will be restocked once all the plays in the round have been done! Each Gacha capsule will have a number on it that corresponds to a Seconds grade pin on the roster. There are NO repeats in the same round so feel free to buy as many plays as you'd like! 

Make sure to leave your Instagram handle when you check out so you can see your Gacha play being recorded live through my Instagram stories! To make the plays more interesting, two of the Gacha capsules are special, gold capsules that earn you an extra FREE spin! Will you be the lucky one to pull a golden capsule? Come and try your luck!

Please refer to the roster to see all the pins that are available in the machine for this round. All pins are Seconds grade pins, please see our pin grading guide for more information on what constitutes a Seconds grade pin!

Note that if you buy plays for a new round that statistically, there is the possibility of you pulling the same pin(s) as the previous round. I will not exchange or refund any pins if this happens!